65, Hoholya street, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

The building is located in the central part of the old city, at the crossroads of Gogolia and Dniprovska Streets.

In 1889, the city government of Oleksandrivska decided to build a Jewish handicraft school. Work on the construction of which was completed in 1904.

The Talmud-Torah handicraft school project was completed by engineer Katsin, author of many projects in the city of Oleksandrivsk.

The school was maintained on a voluntary basis, with private donations and the annual assistance allocated by the city government in the amount of 200 krb.

55 boys studied at the school and there was an evening women's school for 85 students, which was held on private donations.

In 1914, the Board of Trustees of the Talmud-Tora Jewish Public School asked the city government to allow the construction of a craft school for free instruction in the craft of poor Jewish children in the courtyard of the Jewish Society, where the Talmud-Tora Jewish school was located on the corner of Gogolia and Dniprovska Streets .

In the same year, the city government approved an auxiliary project for the basement of a craft school for public buildings and for the storage of products made by students.
The brick building has in different parts one and two floors in the volume has an angular shape. In the compositional solution of the facades, the angular risalit, cut by a pair of narrow windows and crowned with an attic crown, plays an accentuating role, recalling the strict Romanesque forms of the Middle Ages.

The main entrance to the house is arranged from the facade of the courtyard with a porch and a wide march of stairs. Interiors in general today have already lost authentic elements. The staircase in the eastern volume with the rounding of the stairs characteristic of the late modernist style testifies to the original character of the building. In terms of style, the attraction is an example of modern architecture in Neo-Romanian retrospective.

In 1920, one of the school’s houses was used as a hostel of the Builders Union. In the postwar years, the building of the craft school housed a kindergarten. Now here is the tax office of the Oleksndrivskiy district of Zaporizhzhia.


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