62, Hoholya Street, Zaporizhzhia

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The building of the former girls' high school has an expressive stylistic solution designed in the spirit of the Neo-Renaissance. The two-story building was built during 1902-1903. In the public buildings of old Oleksandrivsk, the building is a valuable monument of architecture and history.

The building contractors were the Minaev brothers, the owners of brick-and-tile plants, the chief architect of the city, Faddey Pekutovsky, was responsible for the construction, and the authorship of the project is also attributed to him.

The building of the girls' high school has been preserved to this day almost in its original form, time destroyed only the roof over the main entrance.

In order to become a student of the high school, applicants passed exams in the Russian language, mathematics and the Law of God. Not all have passed such a tough selection, statistics show: for example, in 1904, out of 125 applicants, only 48 girls entered.

The girls' high school lasted only 17 years. Since 1920, the headquarters of the 30th Infantry Division, which arrived from the Urals to the Southern Front to fight the Wrangel, was housed in the building of the girls' high school.
In May 1921, the 1058th hospital was located here, it was during these years that the entire garden of the high school was cut down.

In 1926, the building was transferred to the Zaporizhzhia Pedagogical College.

In the 1950-1970s, school № 65 was located here, and only in 1979 the building was returned to the Zaporizhzhia Pedagogical Institute. First, it was the faculty of physical education, then - the historical. From 1987 to today, the biological faculty of Zaporizhzhia National University is located here.

During the Second World War, according to the recollections of witnesses, the headquarters of the German Army Group South, Manstein Erich von Lewinsky, was located in the premises of the modern third educational building. The latter recalled that in 1943 Adolf Hitler himself came here.

Earlier, to the left of the building there was a cemetery in which were buried: the famous public figure of the Oleksandrivsk district, archaeologist, ethnographer - Yakov Novitsky; and the Cossack of Platniriv Kuren, the last koshev of the Zaporizhzhia Transdanube Sich - Osip Gladky. His grave is now located on the territory of the university campus.


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