Pryberezhna Highway, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

An interesting place to stay in Zaporizhzhia. The Rainbow Cascade of Fountains will become the most iconic landmark for designating the location of this park. This place is one of those that causes great interest among residents and guests of Zaporizhzhia.

A long time ago, at the place where it is located, there was a small village Voznesenka, in fact, where the name of the park comes from. Now its area is more than 4.5 hectares. The area is well maintained and very beautiful. In the warm season, there is a lot of greenery, well-noticeable work of specialists in landscape design.

Voznesenivskyi Park is characterized by the presence of an artificial pond, above which Lovers' Bridge rises. Due to this, this place is popular with newlyweds, who after the wedding often come here to make original and romantic photos.
One of the features of the park is a monument to Prince Svyatoslav, which is of great importance for the city. The park often hosts concerts, festivals, fairs and the like.

Interesting: in the territory of Voznesenivskyi park there is also a well with a bucket, according to legend, the water in it brings good luck.

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