6, Svyatoho Mykolaya Street, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

Built in 1910 in the Art Nouveau style. It was during this period that the typical building of the 19th century disappeared and the development of low houses of one or two floors with the so-called gaps loses its relevance.

On the example of the Bechter mansion, it is possible to trace the evolution of the layout of houses, which demonstrates the gradual degeneration of intra-quarter buildings. So it can be noted the disappearance of the traditional manor and the emergence of a regular perimeter development.

The house has a continuation in the depth of the courtyard in the form of a two-story courtyard outbuilding located within the neighboring courtyard space. It is rationally planned, convenient, compact, perfectly functionally thought out and designed for a comfortable life.

It is especially characteristic of the late Art Nouveau style that comfort and convenience were transferred to the plan of higher spiritual values ​​- the space becomes lively and mobile. The internal emphasis in the layout of the house is placed on the steps around which the rooms of the first and second floors are grouped. Caring primarily for convenience, there is a rejection of the symmetric-axial composition in favor of functionality that has become visible even when deciding the facade.

The main facade of the building is a three-part horizontal composition, which emphasizes the original shape of the pediments. The main entrance to the house is located on the right, it is emphasized by a narrow triangular pediment. The lighting of each room is thought out individually, the windows are rectangular, and of various proportions. Window sills have an original design and differ in their shape on the first floor from the second floor. Also in the decoration there are elements of fabulousness in the design of the frieze and pediments of the house.

The architect masterfully operates with expressiveness of the facade plane, silhouette and rhythm, color spots, texture of materials. The possibilities of traditional building materials are reopening: high-quality facing silicate brick is used not just as a utilitarian means - at the same time it is also a means of decoration. The lack of a special decor system in frieze decoration, the reduction in the number of details turn functional elements in the form of cladding into a carrier of aesthetic qualities.

Part of the mansion that went onto the street Sviatoho Mykolaia, was occupied by the owner himself and his family. The courtyard outbuilding was intended for renting furnished rooms.

In Soviet times, the building housed various public organizations, and later - Oranta Bank. Now the premises are occupied by the ophthalmological center Prozrinnia and the Zaporizhzhia organization of the Union of Advertisers.


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