Bazarna Street, 12, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

From a one-story house in 1909-1910, the reconstruction of the existing building was carried out according to the project of Pekutovsky. It was built in a brick style with elements of early Art Nouveau.

The house became two-story, the roof was tiled. The main facade of the building is facing Pochtova Street, it has nine window axes in length, grouped in three. The rhythm of the windows of the second floor duplicated the decision of the first.

On the second floor, in the center of the side groups of windows, small balconies with a forged metal fence were previously arranged.

Today, the facade of the first floor has not retained its authenticity. The windows of the late second floor are more architecturally decorated.

A rectangular attic with a triangular pediment was originally made over the cornice along the central axis of the main facade. On the attic was the inscription Rooms Grand Hotel.

The side facade of the house from the Bazarna repeats the architectural techniques of designing the main facade. But the length of the side facade is much shorter than the main one - four window axes.

The rhythm of the windows of the second floor repeats the first, with the exception of the central part, where an additional third window is introduced. The ends of the house are blank firewalls. The internal layout is sectional and corridor.

It was decided to use the completed two-story house as a hotel. In 1912, another tavern was opened in the house by decree of the Oleksandrivsk City Duma.

In 1918, the public safety committee was located here, in March 1921 - the Gubkustarno Industrial Department.

Since 1929 - the building was transferred to the housing stock. Now here is a social pharmacy.


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