25, Poshtova Street, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

It was built in 1912 on the site of a burned-out two-story residential building (built in 1888) to house small shops on the ground floor and a hotel on the second, which was called Russia. The profitable house with the hotel belonged to the Prussian citizen Schendel.

The new house was built in Art Nouveau style with elements of retrospectivism. The architectural solution of the first floor was the rhythm of brick pylons and shop windows. The doors were wooden, paneled with glass. The lintels above the display cases and the impost racks for the doors are made of a metal profile on riveted joints.

The second floor, separated from the first by a wide horizontal belt, was intended for advertising stores. Above the main entrance at the level of the second floor, a large remote balcony was equipped - a terrace on elegant cast-iron pillars.

The balcony simultaneously served as a canopy over the entrance and was especially convenient for guests on a rainy day. The balcony had a beautiful wrought-iron metal fence and a light openwork design; until now, unfortunately, the balcony has not been preserved.

The attic, which emphasized its central axis, exerted a special parade to the building. In the center of the attic, in a rectangular panel, was the inscription Hotel Russia. On the edges of the attic there were bricks with brickwork with decorative vases mounted on them. The attic was crowned with a gable with a spire in the center.

The first floor was leased for shops. Most of the facade elements have not been preserved to this day.

At the next repair of the roof - the metal sheets were replaced with slate - the builders shot down all the decorative elements that were above the eaves. Lost and most of the modillons. The entrances and shop windows from the street are bricked. Two wooden doors that remind of the high craftsmanship of their execution have survived in the original version.

Since 1922, the building of the former hotel Russia housed Uselbudinok. Then for many years belonged to the production and trading company Selena. Today, the first floor is occupied by shops.


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Next to Profitable house of Shendel (Former hotel "Rosіya")


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