At the intersection of Metalurhiv Avenue and Sobornyi Avenue, 220, Sobornyi Avenue, Zaporizhzhia

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7-storey tower house, built in 1949 by architect I. Kozliner. The ground floor first housed a built-in cafe, later - a hardware store. Today, the ground floor is rented for shops.

The entrance to the residential part of the house is located from the end face. Residential apartments - two on a floor, occupy from the 2nd to the 6th floors inclusive. The upper floor is represented by a covered terrace - observation deck. The roof is flat and has an internal gutter.

The facades of the house - "towers" are horizontally divided into tiers, the highest grandeur and building is provided by the top tier, the details of which are decorated with the impression of monumentality and solemnity.

The main element of the second tier is the "palazzo window", placed on the facade by the Sobornyavenue. The design of the window is restrained laconic, the stylization of the most common reception in the architecture of the Italian Renaissance. Each detail is modernized by the author, but the historical analogue can still be seen.

Particular attention should be paid to balconies that have different shapes and layout. On the 7th floor is a terrace, which is decorated with triple arched openings with archivolts that rest on pillars. The lower parts of the arched openings have balustrades.

In 2002, instead of a flat roof, the house was covered with a metal gable roof. The roof was complemented by a belvedere with a spire. This innovation disrupted the author's design and gave the building even more sophistication and pomp.

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View from the Tower of Kozliner

220 Soborny Avenue, Zaporizhzhia



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