177, Sobornyі Avenue, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

Two very similar buildings (the so-called Lavrov's Insert Houses), built in 1936, incorporate innovative constructivism (such as a flat facade and round windows) and classic elements of ancient architecture of the Ancient East.

Two five-storey houses on Soborny avenue was built by V. Lavrov during the construction of the Social city, the architectural decisions of the houses were executed in the Art Deco style.

Two, at first sight, similar houses in spirit, but completely different. After all, the author did not allow the duplication of art, the sophistication of the architecture of these houses in their exclusivity.

Rectangular houses in the plan - "inserts" have the same physical size and similar composition of construction of the main facades. Through the archways were made to preserve the pedestrian lanes towards Soborny avenue.

The architectural solutions of the facades are subordinated to symmetry. The central plane of the wall is a smooth surface that serves as the backdrop to the original bay windows and simple, unadorned window openings. The frieze below the eaves is decorated with ornamental brickwork with two symmetrically arranged circular sockets.

The crowning of the building is simple but distinct profile cornices. Entrances to residential buildings are provided from the street. The main accents of the buildings are undoubtedly perspective arches through the aisles.

In 2008, a three-storey shopping and entertainment center was built between the houses, which made a dissonance in the urban environment.


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