220 Soborny Avenue, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

The Tower of Kozliner is an amazing observation platform with a view of Soborny Avenue and Social City. The view opens up a whole era in the life and history of the city.

The 7-story tower house, built in 1949 by the architect Kozliner, located at the intersection of two avenues: Soborny and Metallurgical, is one of the architectural and historical monuments of Zaporizhzhia.

From the observation platform of the tower of Kozliner, you can clearly see many attractions, one of them is the Tower on the building of the coke plant - a 47-meter tower with a spire, a tent and stucco molding - another of the works of the architect Kozliner, built in 1951 by order of the Zaporizhzhia coke plant.

Also, a view of Houses of Lavrov opens from above - two houses very similar to each other, built in 1936.

Another attraction that catches the eye is an outpatient town, consisting of a clinic, a dispensary and a pharmacy (currently the third city hospital is located here).

In addition, from here you can clearly see the Commune Houses, a monument to Mykola Rybnykov, a concert hall named after Glinka, a monument to industrial Zaporizhzhia and, of course, one of the longest avenues in Europe - Soborny Avenue.

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