Zaporizhzhia, Metalurhiv Avenue, Nezalezhnoi Ukrainy Street, Dobrolyubova Street, Recordna Street

About the place

In the early 1930s, the Quarter-communecomplex was built. Its development took place under the direct supervision of academician architect V. Vesnin over a group of architects, among whom were: G. Orlov, O. Yafa, V. Letavin, K. Knyazev and S. Maslikh, who developed the project for block No. 2 in the Sixth Village ( Soсial city).

The complex consisted of two elongated residential buildings of the sectional layout scheme, which had cross-country corridors on all floors. On the ground floor, each section housed large public rooms, with educational halls above them.
The complex itself consisted of residential buildings, a club-dining room, nursery and kindergarten.

The residential units were designed as one- and two-room apartments. The living quarters were connected to each other by the club - the dining room with the help of warm transitions arranged on the level of the second floor. Transitions between buildings were seen as a sign of innovation.
The Dining Club, designed by architect S. Maslich, was designed as a fully functional complex for cultural leisure, mass communication, professional events.

Nursery and kindergarten buildings were built in the courtyard. The principle of pre-school placement in each residential quarter was linked to the care of children, in particular, removing the dangerous crossing over the highway.

Found many adjustments - part of the second housing building after World War II was not restored. Transitions between the houses were dismantled. The appearance of the facades of the apartment buildings and the club-dining room has changed to the classic style.


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House block

117 m. Zaporizhzhia, crossing Metalurhiv Avenue and Record Street


The Art and Exhibition Hall «Athena Gallery»

140 m. 8Б, Metalurhiv Ave., Zaporizhzhia

(098) 447-54-54


The dining-club house

158 m. 19, Nezalezhnoi Ukrainy Street, Zaporizhzhia


Commune Houses

196 m. 4/6/10/12, Metalurhiv Ave., Zaporizhzhia


City Drive

199 m. Metallurgists Avenue, 1,

(098) 700-07-21


Social city (Sixth Settlement)

257 m. from the DniproGES dam to Verkhny Street, Zaporizhzhia

Coffee house

Comeback coffee

313 m. Zaporizhzhia, 13 Dobrolubova st.

(097) 830-53-34


Outpatient town

344 m. 9, Metalurhiv Ave., Zaporizhzhia

Coffee house

The Cup

366 m. Zaporizhzhia, 6A / 8 Tregubenko St

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The giant- school

369 m. 226, Sobornyi Avenue, Zaporizhzhia