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The famous street art artist, muralist and illustrator Misha Tiutiunnyk visited Zaporizhzhia with a pleasant and significant purpose. The author, who has worked with such established brands as NBC, Coca-Cola, Etsy, and Starbucks Coffee, made a sincere and special gift for Zaporizhzhia.

The sketch of the mural, which Misha specially designed for the 250th anniversary of our city, was created with a delicate sense of balance between history and the modern rhythm of life.

Symbols that appear in a bright interweaving - DneproHES, Cossack seagull, recognizable architectural outlines of Zaporizhzhia, all this reflects a bright, dynamic, historically rich city. The portrait of Yakov Novytskyi, whose figure is of undoubted importance in Ukrainian history and whose life path better demonstrates the strength, devotion and talent inherent in the Cossack family, is also intended to remind each of us of our own origin and the inner strength that we have.
According to Misha Tiutiunnyk, as an author, he strives to make each mural, first of all, meaningful for the townspeople, to help them see and sometimes comprehend their own history, therefore, by the time the sketch was prepared and the project was implemented, a lot of preparatory work had been done.

The artist's murals adorn the facades of houses in the Bronx, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and the murals created by Misha Tiutiunnyk are the key to the good mood of the office workers of the Hilton network and the DropBox company.

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Next to Mural for the 250th Anniversary of Zaporizhzhia (Yakov Novytskyi's portrait)



91 m. Zaporizhzhia, 29 Dzerzhinsky / 27 Turgenev st.


Monument to the Border Guards

93 m. Border Guard Park, Maidan Voli, Zaporizhzhia


Tailors Synagogue

95 m. 22, Turhenyeva Street, Zaporizhzhia


The town estate of R.A. Hazan

121 m. 38/17, Poshtova Street, Zaporizhzhia

Conference halls

The HUB Joint Action Platform

149 m. 29 Turheneva st., Zaporizhzhia

(067) 367-88-97

What to see

The Zaporizhzhya Regional Academic Ukrainian Musical Drama Theater im.Mahara

181 m. 41, Soborny Ave., Zaporizhzhia

(061) 764-38-17


Mural «The portrait of Alexander Tsfasman»

196 m. 52, Soborny Ave., Zaporizhzhia


Profitable House of Leshchinskiy

222 m. 52, Sobornyi Avenue/ 25, Troyitsʹka street, Zaporizhzhia


Teatralny Hotel

245 m. 39, Sobornyi Avenue, Zaporizhzhia


Central Choral Synagogue

247 m. 27, Troitska Street, Zaporizhzhia