73, Poshtova Street, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

Built in the years 1911-1916. The design capacity was calculated on 120 wind street lamps and on 7500 incandescent lamps. The main buildings of the structure: the station house, the outbuilding and the pavilion have been preserved to this day, and are monuments of preserved ancient engineering structures, which are still used for their primary purpose today.

The construction of the powerstation began in 1910, in September of the same year, foundations for engines were prepared. In early 1911, the powerstation began its work. Two gas-generating engines with a direct current generator of 100 kW each were installed in the station house.

The powerstation worked on solid fuel: most often on coal or peat.

Despite the fact that the building was built on one floor, it has a height of more than 7 meters and a two-story annex with a brick height of approximately 9 meters. The basement of the building is made of granite and rises a meter from the ground.

The powerstation is a landmark, which is of great topological value as a complex with ancient buildings of engineering designation, which have a very successful and significant for the history of the stylistic architectural solution.

Today the power plant complex is used by the Zaporizhzhia enterprise of city power networks.

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