Khortytsia Island, interchange at the exit of the Preobrazhensʹkoho Bridge, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

In 2009, a granite sculpture of the Cossack Mamai was installed on the transport interchange on the island of Khortytsia.

Cossack Mamai is one of the most popular images and folk symbols in Ukraine. After all, he personifies the idealized image of a Cossack knight, which is found in folklore from the middle of the 18th century among legends, stories and paintings of artists.

It was the artistic image of the Cossack Mamai that became the most popular, for some time in history it was considered so important and inalienable symbol of Ukrainian culture that it competed with icons.

Ukrainians turned to Cossack Mamai with prayers, asking them to protect their land from enemy raids. Cossack warriors also turned to him, setting off on military campaigns. He was considered a defender against the conquerors, his image was endowed with supernatural abilities.

The prototype of the Cossack Mamai actually existed - according to legend: a man was born on the island of Khortytsia in 1509. That is why the installation of the monument was dedicated to its 500th anniversary. The sculpture weighs about 7 tons.

The symbolic national image of the Cossack Mamai perfectly complemented the atmosphere of the island of Khortytsia, the monument quickly fell in love with local travelers. Most of the mass events and meetings on Khortytsia begin at the monument to the Cossack Mamai, who meets them with a bandura in his hands. It has become a wonderful guide for all guests of the island.


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