balka Velyka Molodnyaha, Khortytsia Island, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

The stone sanctuary is part of the cult complex of the Bronze Age (2000 BC).

It was discovered and investigated in 1992. It has the appearance of a stone laying measuring 3.5 by 2.8 meters in size from rolled granite stones, carefully laid out in a layer with a thickness of 5 to 20 cm.

The center of the structure has an oval area not filled with stones. Following the example of neighboring similar monuments of the cult complex, the sharp end of the structure is directed to the east.

In studies of the central part, an oval-shaped pit was found, measuring 1.3 by 1 m, stretching from north to south. The depth of the pit is 1.13 m, and inside it was found a molded bowl-altar of a rectangular shape, directed to the cardinal points. Bowls of this type are very rare - two such findings are related to the pit culture, two more - in the catacomb. The rarity of this type of bowls testifies to its special, non-domestic affiliation.

In our time, a wooden sculpture of a pagan goddess, the patroness of spinning and weaving, mothers and unmarried girls - Makosha was also created on the territory of the cult complex.

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