between the balkas Velyka Molodnyaha and Sovutyna, Khortytsia Іsland, Zaporizhzhia

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The larger sanctuary found on the island of Khortytsia consists of three cromlechs and seven bookmarks dating back to the 2nd millennium BC.

During 1993, 1998 and 1999, archaeological excavations of one of the largest religious buildings found in Ukraine, located on the Bragarnia hill between the beams of Velyka Molodniaga and Sovutyna, had a height of 31 meters above the Dnipro. By the beginning of the excavation, this place looked like a mound-like hill, under which a probe could detect a significant size of the accumulation of stones.

For the study of the site, 2 excavations were made, with a total area of ​​more than 300 square meters. As a result, a unique religious building was discovered, including seven stone bookmarks, three cromlechs and 15 large stele-like stones. All structures are built of local gray granite slabs, while most of them are large and medium in size.

All parts of the sanctuary were probably not built simultaneously, but sequentially. The beginning of the functioning of the structure should be associated with the largest cromlech located in the southwestern part of the sanctuary. Then the largest of the northeastern cromlechs was built, and then the smaller of them. At the same time, the fact of insignificant destruction of a large ring by smaller builders is allowed.

The sequence of steps in the formation of the design of the sanctuary, the orientation of the complex to the cardinal points and the relative position of the individual elements relative to each other tells us that all these structures are part of a single complex.

The presence of cromlechs, usually associated with the symbolism of celestial bodies, as well as the orientation of the complex's objects to the cardinal points, allows the use of the structure for astral-solar observations and cults associated with celestial bodies, and interconnection with fertility cults is also possible.

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