On the northern slope of Velyka Molodnyaha, Khortytsia Island, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

A pagan wooden sanctuary located on the northern slope of the beam of the Velyka Molodniaga. The modern sanctuary is shaped like a ship. The location of the wooden figures of the gods, according to the pantheon of Prince Vladimir in the Tale of Bygone Years.

Bilobog is located on the south side, Chornobog on the north; the main Tryglav is Perun (in the middle), Dazhbog (on the right), Mokosha (on the left), in front of them is Symargl Dog (the ship's nose points to the east).

In the very center of the sanctuary is Treba - a column for the sacrifice, symbolizing the truncated mast of the ship - this is Strybog - God of the Winds.

In the western part of the sanctuary there is a forage - Hors in the form of a rectangular structure of logs with images of wolves on four sides, then behind it - a place for fodder.

At the western entrance to the sanctuary is Keyman with a slit for a key ax, and Chur the guardian with a sword.

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