To the south of the girder Velyka Molodnyaha, Khortytsia Island, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

To the south of the Velyka Molodniaga beam, on a hill, in 1992 a whole complex of stone stowage of a religious purpose was discovered. Two sights located in the south were thoroughly investigated and reconstructed in 2000. As a result of research, it was found that the found objects date back to 2nd millennium BC. - the era of the early Bronze Age, the Pit of the Catacomb period.

According to the studies, it was possible to find out that these stone structures were on the surface for a long time, but for the entire time of their existence they were not disturbed, altered or rebuilt. This suggests that various cultures and nationalities have been using these religious buildings for centuries, which further confirms their importance and deep sacred meaning.

During excavations in the eastern part, small fragments of a stucco pot decorated with ornaments were found. Through the small size of the fragments found, it was not possible to completely reconstruct the appearance of this pot, but the ceramic mass itself, of which the vessel is made, typical of the Bronze Age, allows one to approximately determine the dating of the find.

In the center, an oval-shaped pit was found, its dimensions reach 2x1.2 m, the oval is elongated from north-east to north-west, the depth of the pit is 1.8 m. Small fragments of stucco ware with ornaments were found in the area of ​​this pit and under the stones of the bookmark. This find dates back to the Pit Catacomb era. Inside the pit, a burial place was found for an adult who lies on his left side, head to the southeast. No other finds were found in the pit.

After the research, parts of the sanctuary were reconstructed on the surface of the day, and now everyone can see them and literally touch the past.

Currently, here you can see wooden figures of pagan gods - Perun - the god of the Thunderer, and Veles - the patron of storytellers and poetry.

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