29, Sobornyi Avenue, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

The house is built in modern style. The front facades are faced with high-quality silicate brick. The laying and seams are distinguished by the correctness and thoroughness of execution, which was of practical and aesthetic value.

The dominant element of the building is the corner part with a low tower. The static horizontal of the main facade is interrupted by three protruding risalits. Rizalit forceps form the silhouette of the house.

The central risalit, where the main entrance is located, which breaks up and ends with a forceps of complex shape. It has an additional tier of windows for lighting the internal attic.

The corners of the house and risalits are outlined by pylons with traditional flutes decorated with vertical furrows of different lengths. When creating the facade decor, there were motives of the Viennese Art Nouveau - secession.

The main entrance was accented by a high semicircular slot with a lock stone and a metal visor above the entrance, which relied on forged metal supports, today, unfortunately, has not been preserved.

The corner part and the side risalits on the second floor initially had large balconies with a wrought-iron fence of the basket type. The plane of the facade of the second floor is separated by a horizontal of windows and wide windows of the lower part of the house.

To carry out large take-away techniques, metal jumpers were used - the introduction of the Art Nouveau style.

For window decorations - instead of the usual sandriks trapezoidal jumpers with ears were used.

The side facade of the house on the Sviatoho Mykolaia street solved in the same architectural techniques similar to the main facade. At the junction with the neighboring building, a through passage was made in the form of a box-section arch with a castle stone.

In 1911, Kohan received a certificate for the right to open in the building of the hotel Great Moscow Hotel.

In 1917, the building housed the military headquarters for the protection of the city, created by the city government.

Since November 1917, part of the premises was occupied by the office of the head of the garrison in the city of Oleksandrivsk.

In the post-war period, a factory hostel, a canteen and a pharmacy were located here. Now here is the Zaporizhzhia branch of the Kiev agency of air lines "Kiy Avia", a pharmacy and private shops.


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