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The historical and cultural complex is a generalized image of Cossack fortifications with detailed reproduction of devices of Cossack sections that existed in the 16th-18th centuries.

It consists of two parts:
- Small Kosh - a commercial and craft suburb;
- Big Kosh - Cossack garrison.
The whole city is protected by fortifications - defensive towers.

The internal space in accordance with the traditions of the Cossacks: Cossack vault, forge, pottery, tavern and a Greek house for receiving ambassadors. In the center there is a church and a square.

Cossack buildings were created as museum displays based on reliable historical data, with original concepts and objects of the time. They talk about the functioning of Sich management facilities, such as the House of the Ataman and the Military Chancellery, in which there was an office management, correspondence, recording intelligence, interrogation of prisoners and the like. Another exposition is a pushcarnia, that is, an arsenal of Sich, where weapons, weapons, nuclei, and gunpowder are stored. Sometimes the Cossacks used it as a prison.

Special expositions tell about the traditional crafts of Zaporizhzhia Cossacks, the main of which was fishing, as well as about Cossack mode of life.

The central building of the Sich is the existing Church of the Protection of the Holy Virgin, in which traditional services, wedding ceremonies and christening are held.

On the territory of the complex there is a group of Sich Cossacks, who are engaged in staging performances on the reconstruction of the Cossacks dedicated to the military art and conduct master classes on the possession of Cossack weapons.

Individual excursion: group up to 5 people - 216 UAH; up to 20 people - 330 UAH.


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