Near the historical and cultural complex «Zaporizka Sich», Khortytsia Island, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

A unique monument of archeology, includes 12 cromlechs and 6 stone stowage of the late 5th - beginning 4th millennium BC. During the construction of the historical and cultural complex Zaporizhzhia Sich in 2005, a whole series of stone stowage was discovered.

Further archaeological excavations and studies made in 2006-2008, allowed to identify and study 12 cromlechs - ring structures made of stone, and 6 stone stowage of different sizes.

This cult complex of the Copper Age is associated with the Kurgan group located here, which was the largest on the island of Khortytsia. In addition, not far from the found complex of cromlechs are the remains of the sanctuary. Such a close arrangement of religious objects allows their belonging to a single sacred complex of gigantic proportions.

This cult complex is one of the most interesting among the sanctuaries of Khortytsia. Firstly, it is characterized by very high safety of almost all structural elements. And also this is one of the oldest sanctuaries, it is already more than 5.5 thousand years old.

These structures were built by representatives of the Kvitianska culture at the end of the 5th -beginning of the 4th millennium BC. After research, the entire cult complex was reconstructed at the level of the modern day surface, and is now available for inspection to all visitors to the island of Khortytsia.

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Next to Cromlechs of the Eneolithic era

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