9, Sobornyi Avenue, Zaporizhzhia

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Built in 1924-1925 by the project of the architect Thyssen for the workers of the Kommunar plant, it is a two-story building. On the facade of the house from the central part there are risalits, the entrance is decorated with columns and a balcony with an arch. During the period of its functioning, well-known Ukrainian figures of culture and arts performed in the club premises, in 1931-1941 the troupe of the Ukrainian Zankovetska Theater worked.

The risalits located on the facade in the central part and on the sides of the main entrance of the two-story building emphasize the architectural significance of the house, just like a cultural house, and also create an additional effect of splendor.

The building is decorated with a portico, the ceiling of which rests on six columns between which the entrance is located. An open balcony is built above the portico, which has three doors: two rectangular in shape - on the side and one in the center. Around the doors, a glazed arch is decorated with stucco with the image of ears and towels in the center, books and musical instruments on the sides.

On both sides of the risalit are arcades of the same shape, resting on columns decorated with pilasters. The corners of the risalits and windows are decorated with columns. The windows around are decorated with sandriks.

The composition of the main facade is asymmetric and corresponds to the internal layout of the house. In the upper part of the house, under the roof, there is a cornice decorated with stucco molding, which completes the architectural decision of the house. The roof of the building is gable. Currently, the building houses the Palace of Culture of the Zaporizhzhia automobile factory.

In the 1950s, the club was renamed the Zhdanov House of Culture, but with the start of perestroika, when idealized names were revised, the house of culture got its current name - BK Auto ZAZ.

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