8, Sobornyi Avenue, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

A one-story stone house was placed with a retreat from the main line of the street, a garden was arranged between the city sidewalk and the house. The main entrance to the house is on the side facade - from the side of the aisle to the plant. The building consists of residential and service parts, has a L-shaped configuration in plan.

In the architectural solution of the facades there are features of different styles: Brick, German art Nouveau and one of the modern directions. There is a combination of Romanticism and Rationalism.

The facades of the building are made in brickwork without further plastering. The expressiveness of the structure was achieved using the capabilities of relief masonry. The side facade by its decision clearly plays the role of the main, because its volumetric silhouette accent is solved by a risalit with a high tent in the form of a truncated pyramid. The main entrance is made along the risalit axis.

Thanks to the central hall, the layout of the house is solved compactly, without corridors. In addition to the living room, bedrooms, kitchen, pantries, laundry, and a room for engineering equipment were arranged in it. Convenient internal stairs are made for the descent into the basement. Partially preserved elements of the interior decoration - baptized erection on columns. The owner's great pride was a tiled fireplace.

The owner of the mansion was Johann Lepp, the senior grandson of the famous Peter Lepp - the founder of the Khortytsia plant of agricultural machinery and tools Lepp & Valman in the colony of Shenvize. Johann led the campaign until 1918, was not only a successful industrialist and philanthropist, but also a member of the construction commission of the Oleksandrivsk City Council and an honorary citizen of the city.

The Lepp, Valman & Kopp concern was finally closed by the Bolsheviks. Johann Lepp emigrated to Prussia. In 1920, their plants were nationalized.

Later, an extension was made to the front facade of the building, which worsened the architectural value of the object. In Soviet times, the building began to belong first to the tractor, and later to the Kommunar automobile plant. From the side of Soborna Street, in front of the former mansion of Johann Lepp, a one-story office building of silicate brick was built, completely closing the house. The mansion is a monument of architecture and urban planning.


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