8, Sobornyi Avenue, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

One-storey house built in a traditional Brick style. Its static horizontal of the street facade is interrupted by three protruding risalits, which are perceived by truncated blocks in the main volume.

The risalits are accented by triangular gables. Rizalit decoration is a composition of two grouped windows under one common gentle arch, which protrudes from the plane of the wall with a wedge-shaped masonry. Arches are based on rusticated corner pilasters of risalits.

The front planes between the risalits at first had two windows with a rusted pilaster in the center. Above the windows there are arched elements similar to arches in the risalits.

The building according to the project had a symmetrical solution to all the facades. The architectural techniques of the main facade are used on the front and outboard facades. The entrance to the building was made along the central axis of the facade. The location of the entrance is accentuated by a high, triangular-shaped spire, with the dormer-window of the attic. The windows of the premises are made with a rounded wedge-shaped jumper.

A wide cornice belt, decorated with a geometric pattern of protruding rows of brickwork and a gable metal roof, adds to the building’s special elegance.

The internal layout of the house is corridor, with the arrangement of rooms on both sides. Later rebuilding in the middle of the building significantly violated the original symmetry of the classic three-axis scheme. First, additional rooms were attached to the end of the right.

Later, in the process of adapting the building for factory needs, a rusted pylon with an additional window was dismantled on the right side. In the left part of the building, without taking into account the architectural composition, an entrance platform for a new entrance was added.

The house belonged to the co-owner of the industrial and trading company Lepp & Valman Abraham Lepp. Now the house is owned by an automobile factory. Within its walls is the department of communication and signaling systems of the Zaporizhzhia automobile factory enterprise.

The building is a monument of architecture and urban development of Zaporizhzhia.


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