28, Sergey Serikovа Street, Zaporizhzhia

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The building is a complex configuration with a total area of ​​619 square meters built by German businessman Abraham Kopp the beginning of the 20th century.

The exterior design uses numerous decorative elements characteristic of the presentable manor of a wealthy owner in an eclectic style with expressive elements of the Neo-Renaissance and Neo-Baroque.

The architecture of the mansion combines several styles, it is often referred to as Art Nouveau - the German version of Art Nouveau. Also, the construction is distinguished by a variety of decorative details.

The roof of the building is made in the style of a French chateau, which makes it look like a palace. The internal layout has the features of modernity.

Over the years, the interiors of the mansion underwent a partial redevelopment: the original design elements were practically not preserved, only an authentic balustrade of the stairs and metal stairs to the basement remained.

On the upper floors, an important role in the design of facades is played by the texture of the material - silicate brick, there is a balcony with an openwork lattice, and a crown over the tent roof of the corner risalite.

In 1966, a partial reconstruction and redevelopment of the building took place. Today there is a regional tuberculosis dispensary.

The German businessman Abraham Kopp, one of the founders of agricultural engineering in the city of Oleksandrivsk, started his business with a small forge, and in 1874 he built an iron foundry and machine-building plant, in which he installed the first steam engine in 1877.

In 1888, Abraham Kopp built a branch of the plant in the Shenvize colony (now the city of Zaporizhzhia, the territory of Auto ZAZ), and in 1903 he became the owner of the agricultural machinery factory in the colony Einlage (Kichkas).

It is known that during 1914-1916, at his own expense he kept the Betania psychiatric hospital in the Kronsweide colony (outskirts of the village of Vladimirskoye).

In the summer of 2019, during archaeological research, tombstones of Kopp and his wife were found, which for many years were walled up by the Bolsheviks in the foundation of an outbuilding of the 30s of the last century on the territory of Verhnia Khortytsia, where nearby at the beginning of the 20th century there was a Mennonite cemetery.

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