4 Rozental' Street, Zaporizhzhia

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The house of the teacher’s seminary was built on a site with a pronounced relief. All facades are equally detailed in detail, which gives the building expressiveness and emphasizes the inherent tendencies of modernity. The house of the former teacher’s seminary of the Rosenthal Mennonite colony is a monument of architecture and urban planning.

It has two floors and a U-shaped plan, forms a courdoner. The architectural interpretation of the facades of the teacher’s seminary’s house is a compromise, transitional one from Brick to Art Nouveau.

The motif of rhythmically arranged windows between the pilasters on all the facades is interrupted on the main facade by an asymmetrically arranged slightly protruding risalit. Rizalit, which accentuates the front door, has a completion in the form of a spire with a gentle top and wavy edges.

Above the doorway there is a stained-glass hexagonal window with a trapezoidal top, outlined by a round frame in the shape of an omega. Additionally, attention is focused on the window with a masonry tree around it.

Contrary to the claimed author's position with a focus on Art Nouveau, the facades have many traditional details of the brick style. The palette of materials for decorating the facade is modest - high-quality ceramic red brick, but it is it that makes the building holistic, plastic, fills with noble restraint.

The internal layout of the building is rational: a spacious hall with a central single-flight staircase to the second floor and two side marches for the descent to the basement level.

The main rooms and three large classrooms were located along the outer contour of the building. The windows of the corridor were facing an orderly patio. The largest audience was used not only for school meetings, but also for social events.

Today, the appearance of the house of the teacher’s seminary has not changed, with the exception of replacing the metal roof with asbestos-cement.

In 1965, a L-shaped one-story building with additional classrooms and a sports hall was added to the building from the back. By 2018, the building was used as a building for a junior school.


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