6, Sobornyi Avenue, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

The building was designed in the neoclassical style using elements of the Dorian order. The main, long facade is oriented towards the avenue.

The corridor system with the location of the rooms on both sides determined the uniform rhythm of the windows on the facade. The composition of the main facade is symmetrically axial.

The house is decorated with risalits: the corner and central which houses the main entrance to the house. The facade has a horizontal surface dissection with a wide belt.

Rectangular windows are decorated with rectangular sandriks. Sandrics on the second floor are supported by brackets. The main element of the facade is the central risalit. The tier of the first floor of the risalit is represented by a four-window portico of columns that protrude three quarters.

Entrance portico goes into the French balcony of the second floor. The fencing of the balcony is metal with a traditional classic pattern, attached to brick columns.

Similarly to the balcony enclosure, a four-pitch metal roof enclosure was made. A light profile cornice, decorated with an arcature belt, completes the building along the entire perimeter.

The risalits of the main facade are crowned with a rectangular attic. The architecture of the side facades repeats the design of the main facade.

The structural scheme of the building is made with longitudinal load-bearing walls. The building has a basement. At the main entrance, a lobby group of rooms with ceremonial three-flight stairs for climbing to the 2nd floor is organized. The original staircase railing and coffered ceiling decoration have been preserved.

Upon completion of construction in 1910, the profitable house was leased, where 12 apartments were rented by guests.

Danil Minaev and his brothers Alexander and Dmitry were merchants. They owned tile-brick factories, which were located in the area of ​​Taras Shevchenko Square. The brothers were actively involved in charity work. With their help, many educational institutions of the city were built, and in particular the orphanage named after Countess Kankrynnaya.

Currently, the building houses the medical unit of Auto ZAZ. The building is a monument of architecture and urban development of Zaporizhzhia.


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