2, Sobornyi Avenue, Zaporizhzhia

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The modern building of the Zaporizhzhia-1 Railway Station was built in 1953 according to the project of the Mostproect architects: Skarzhinskyi, Khachaturov, Chernyshev. Probably, the team of architects worked under the direction of Vegman, and the sculptural composition on the main entrance of the station is the work of Zaporizhzhia sculptor Hudas.

The building was built on the site of the first railway station in the city, Pivdennyi, built in 1873 during the construction of the Katerynska Railway. In 1943, during the battles for the liberation of the city from the Nazis, the station building was destroyed.

The building is symmetrically located along the railway tracks. Successfully used the relief of the terrain. From the side of the platform, the building looks low, compact and very cozy. From the side of the Pryvokzalna Square, the drop in relief contributed to the increase in the scale of the building.

The central part with the main front door has a height of three floors. The flanking wings of the station with additional entrances are solved in two floors.

The central part is accented by two protruding large-sized colonnades, which create the image of propyla. A pedestal with the date of construction of the station, on which the state emblem is installed, is made above the entrance at the eaves. On both sides of the pedestal are voluminous sculptures of Steelmaker and Worker.

The front planes are divided by the rhythm of the pylons between which high windows are made - stained-glass windows with a promising rounded jumper. The building is crowned on the entire perimeter by a high entablature with ledges.

The porch of the main entrance is decided by a two-tier stylobate. Exits to the platforms came out on the same level with the hall. Everything is subject to the idea of ​​creating a spatial organization.

The internal layout is designed according to the classical scheme. The central lobby with cash desks and a bulletin board plays the role of a distribution hub. From the lobby you can get into the waiting room on the ground floor, or climb the stairs to the mezzanine floors with long-stay rooms.

From the lobby, the mezzanine floors are decorated in the form of niches, separated by arched openings. Buffets and checkout counters are located in areas remote from the lobby. The interiors of the station in the style of the Stalinist empire, representing an alloy of monumentality and symbolism, have been preserved. The station is the hallmark of the city, a unique place where history and modernity intertwined.


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Zaporizhzhia-1 Railway Station

2 Soborny Ave.

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