Arch bridge across the Dnieper, Zaporizhzhia

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The height of the arch bridge across the Dnieper is 40 meters. Imagine a few seconds of free flight...

An amazing feeling is achieved by jumping from a height on a rope. Such a magic flight is possible in several variants: in a mountaineering system or in special banjo, for legs, along or across the bridge, with immersion in water or without immersion, with blindfolds, couples, etc. The sports club «Ermitazh», engaged in this kind of extreme sports for more than 10 years, guarantees complete safety. For all of its existence, the club has organized more than 7,000 jumps. By the way, physicians have established that the border states that arise when jumping and free fall have a preventive and therapeutic effect against depression, boredom, sclerosis, osteochondrosis, and also promote the cleavage of cholesterol, and increase the level of endorphin (a hormone of happiness) in the body.

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