Old Redoubt 9, Zaporozhye

About the place

An earthen hill near the museum, over which the largest Ukrainian flag in Zaporozhye flies. An incredible view of the Dnieper opens from here. During the construction of the Museum of the Cossacks, a foundation pit was dug for the construction of the building. It was decided not to take out the remaining soil, but to build a hill from it, from which it would be convenient to inspect the picturesque surroundings of Khortitsa. Its location turned out to be very successful - there is a natural elevation, and from the hill, which adds even more than ten meters of height, a view opens up that will take your breath channel. The viewing radius from this point is more than ten kilometers in all directions.

The Unity Mound, renewed after a large-scale restoration, was opened on August 23, 2021, on the Day of the State Flag of Ukraine. The newly reconstructed observation deck has become accessible to all categories of visitors, including people with disabilities, thanks to a specially equipped inclusive lift. Now everyone will be able to enjoy the spectacular views of Khortitsa, DneproGES and Dnieper from a bird's eye view without any obstacles.

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