in the forest zone near the Chaika camp, Khortytsia Island, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

The sanctuary in the form of a round stone bookmark in a pine forest near the Chornoi Skeli, dated 5th-4th centuries. BC.

This stone building is quite well hidden from view, as it is located directly in the forest. The reference point by which you can easily find the sanctuary is the fence surrounding the Chaika camp from the northwest. Not far from the place where the fence turns, and this stone bookmark is located.

The design has the shape of a ring with a slight bulge, the diameter of the ring is 4.8–4.9 m. In the central part there is a circular section that is not filled with stones. The diameter of the central platform is 1.8-1.2 cm.

The inner edge of the stone ring is somewhat more pronounced than the outer. The design consists of stones of mainly small and medium (up to half a meter) sizes, they are mostly chipped, loose, tightly fitted to each other.

In the central part, an oval-shaped burial contour of 1.9 x 0.7 m, elongated along the west-east axis, was found. In the western part, three vertically located granite blocks were found, which appeared here, obviously, after a robbery. At the time of burial, these stones were on top, above the grave. The depth of the bottom of the burial pit is 150 cm. The mopping-up operation revealed the burial of a person 1.7 m tall, which lay elongated on his back. The robbers destroyed the upper part of the skeleton, which is very poorly preserved. You can date the construction with just a few fragments of antique ceramics found among the stones of the bookmark above the burial.

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