9, Staroho reduty Street, Zaporizhzhia

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Black stone is a unique natural monument, has a long history and preserves many legends around it.

There are many legends about the Black stones of the island of Khortytsia. Stone blocks of various sizes (the largest block weighs about 600 kg), differ from other local rocks in a rich dark color, were found in the northern part of the island.

According to legend, the Cossacks warmed their old wounds on it. It is believed that this stone has the magical properties of healing ailments. Black color perfectly attracts the sun's rays and even retains heat at night. According to psychics, Black Stone creates an energy shield over the entire island of Khortytsia, protecting it from negative energy.

Anyone can look at him through the glass, having come to the museum on Khortytsia. The mystery of the Black Stone has not yet been fully unraveled, so maintaining it as a cultural value and historical monument is very important.

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