29 Troitska street, Zaporizhzhia

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At the beginning of the 20th century, in the very center of Oleksandrivsk, it was decided to build a Zemsky council house. The project of creating the pompous building was carried out by the architect Yacob Delant. Now in the building of the former Zemsky Council is located Zaporizhzhia regional local history museum.

On the roof of the museum there is an observation platform from which an incredible and breathtaking view of the Old Oleksandrivsk opens. The Sviato-Pokrovskyi Bishops' Cathedral immediately attracts attention. Its history begins back in May 1886 - it was then that the construction of the cathedral began. In 1934, the building of the Sviato-Pokrovskyi Cathedral was destroyed, like the rest of the religious places of Olexandrivsk.

In the 1990s, the construction of the new cathedral building began, which almost completely reproduces the previous look. Pokrovskyi Cathedral is currently a structure 53 meters high. Its multilayer volume, achieved due to the small removal of individual parts of the structure and wide decorative cornices, creates a visual ease of the overall image.

Across the street from the Zemsky Council is profitable house Bilenkyi, built in 1909. It organically blended and became part of the perimeter development of the quarter. The composition of the facades is marked by a rigorous and thorough study of the elements. Of the interesting historical buildings from the observation deck you can clearly see: Profitable house of Leshchinskiy, Teatralny Hotel and Profitable house of Lanshin .

Quite well, from the observation platform you can see the majestic and monumental building of the Zaporizhzhia Academic Regional Ukrainian Musical and Drama Theater named after V.G. Magar. The theater opened its doors to spectators on January 30, 1953. The roof of the theater building is decorated with a sculptural group created by Zaporizhzhia sculptor Mikhail Hudas. In the center of the group is a female figure symbolizing the Muse. On both sides of it are male images: a musician and a poet.

Below the main composition is a bas-relief: people dancing against the backdrop of the DniproHES and plants. Zaporizhzhia sculptors Ivan and Nadezhda Nosenko worked on it. Their bas-relief is called Art belongs to the people. It is these magnificent elements of the decoration of the theater building at eye level that can be seen from the Roof of the former Oleksandrivsk Zemsky Council.

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Zaporizhzhia Regional Local History Museum

23 m. Zaporizhzhia, 29 Troitska st.

(093) 368-21-80


Revenue House of Bilenkiy

90 m. 27a, Troyitsʹka street, Zaporizhzhia


Central Choral Synagogue

106 m. 27, Troitska Street, Zaporizhzhia

European Restaurant


112 m. Zaporizhzhia, 27 Troitska st.

(096) 623-86-18


Mural «The portrait of Alexander Tsfasman»

157 m. 52, Soborny Ave., Zaporizhzhia


Profitable House of Leshchinskiy

164 m. 52, Sobornyi Avenue/ 25, Troyitsʹka street, Zaporizhzhia


Lanshin's revenue house

180 m. 48, Sobortyi Avenue, Zaporizhzhia

What to see

The Zaporizhzhya Regional Academic Ukrainian Musical Drama Theater im.Mahara

208 m. Zaporizhzhia, 41 Sobornyi Ave

(061) 764-38-17


Teatralny Hotel

212 m. 39, Sobornyi Avenue, Zaporizhzhia