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Today, the museum’s collection comprises more than 110,000 thousand museum objects, of which more than a hundred are related to the history of the Cossacks. Today's museum exposition is located in 22 halls of the departments of nature, archeology and history.

Among them are relics such as kleinods, cold steel and firearms, ship cannons and anchors, household items of the Cossacks, coins, documents of the 18th century. The archaeological collection in Zaporizhzhia is one of the largest among regional museums in Ukraine. Of particular interest are the unique monuments of the Bronze Age and Scythian time, the periods of the Chernyakhov culture and the Middle Ages. A large collection of the times of the liberation struggle, and the peasant movement under the leadership of Nestor Makhno, the construction of the DniproHES, the Second World War and the post-war restoration of the industrial complex of Zaporizhzhia. The multinational culture of the Zaporizhzhia region from its settlement in the XVIII-XIX centuries presented in the rooms Settlement of the Zaporizhzhia Territory. The halls of the nature department attract numerous exhibits of flora and fauna of the steppe, forest and the Sea of ​​Azov.

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