16, Istomina Street, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

The complex of buildings of the first high school for boys in the former Rosenthal Mennonite colony is an architectural monument.

It was built in 1870 as a one-story brick house, rectangular in plan with a high gable roof under the tiles.

In 1891, a new school building was added to the main building of the secondary school. It was placed perpendicular to the existing one, which allowed creating a school yard.

The facade of the school, facing the church building, and to the school yard has an asymmetric solution. The extension of the new building to the old one is made in the form of an insert that solved the issue of the adjoining roof. The recessed facade wall of the insert organizes a wide porch of the main entrance to the school with a sloping roof.

Additional entrance to the housing, shifted to the left. The protruding entrance platform is represented by a risalit with a clock tower and a bell tower at the very top (not preserved). High rectangular windows illuminated the classes well, got a bright design on the outside. The internal layout of the building is of a corridor type with classes on both sides.

Today, the Mennonite high school complex continues to be used as a secondary school. Unfortunately, over time, the clock tower with the bell tower was lost. Building facades are whitewashed with lime mortar. The metal roof is replaced by slate.


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