14, Istomina Street, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

The House of Culture of Zaporizhzhia region is a large building with columns. Once this building of the Soviet kind was a church or, as the Mennonites used to say, a protestant church. And, not simple, but the very first and most important in the Khortytsia Mennonite congregation in Russia.

The Protestant church was not at all like some Catholic cathedral. He was much more modest, because the ascetic Mennonites believed that the church should look simple, so as not to anger God. Therefore, the Khortytsia protestant church was in fact a prayer house, which differed from the usual dwelling by the large extent only in size. The large two-story building was the spiritual center of our Mennonites until 1935, in which the church was converted to a cinema. For a short time the church again became a building in 1941 – after the arrival of the Germans. Or with the liberation of Upper Khortytsia, or after it, the building was destroyed and rebuilt in a different way – in the form of a house of culture.


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