18, Istomina Street, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

The Mennonite School for Girls Building of the Rosenthal colony is an architectural monument of the early 20th century

In designing the facades of the building, the architect made extensive use of the decorative motifs of Art Nouveau, scession, half-timbered houses, skillfully stylized German Gothic of the 16th-17th centuries. The architectural design of the building expressed the ideas of the then German romantics.

The facades of the building are divided into tiers with horizontal belts. The illusion of a longline construction is created. Monumentality and decorative expressiveness are observed, achieved by a large dismemberment of volumes and silhouettes of the attic parts, reminiscent of Gothic wimpergs with lucarnes windows.

Wooden carved double doors of the front door with a pattern in the form of a circle and three vertical openings (secession style) had a semicircular stained-glass top. The corner parts of the building are decorated with pilasters with arched niches.

The internal layout of the building is corridor, with
large bright classrooms and a separate room for teachers. On the ground floor there were 4 classrooms and a living room for the teacher. In the basement was a room for a school janitor.

A wide metal staircase with beautiful cast railings leads to the second floor. On the steps you can read the names of patrons Lepp & Valman. On the second floor there was a large audience - a hall for morning sermon. A stage was also arranged in the hall for holding meetings and literary evenings. To heat the premises in cold weather, stoves were built.

One of the founders of the school was Katarina Valman - the wife of breeder Andreas Valman. She donated 10 thousand krb. for the construction of this school.

In 1910, the teacher of the Buzuk school created the first Khortytske society of nature conservationists in Russia.

The school has survived to this day in its original form, with the exception of the replaced roof. In Soviet times, additional buildings were added to the school. Today it continues to function as an average comprehensive school № 81.


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