street Rosenthal in the square opposite the building of the Zaporizhia District Council, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

Installed in the park in 2009. It is a modern facility that is included in the historical ensemble of the Rosenthal Mennonite colony. The monument was erected in honor of the Mennonites, who in the 30s became victims of Stalinist repressions and religious oppression.

The monument consists of three granite slabs with silhouettes of a man, a woman and two children. According to the author, the Mennonite Canadian Paul Epp, the monument is a bookshelf with photographs from which their heroes were pulled out.

Mennonites had a huge impact on the architecture and cultural development of the city of Zaporizhzhia. Most of the surviving buildings are unique monuments of history and architecture.

The monument was erected in memory of the tragedy of the Mennonite diaspora in Zaporizhzhia.


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