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Among the monuments that have survived to our time from the Rosenthal Mennonite colony, Valman Castle is one of the most remarkable architectural monuments built in the German version of Art Nouveau - "yugendstile" .

3-storey palace with a large number of arched windows, doors and balconies. The most interesting feature of the building is that each of its four sides looks completely original and not like the others. If you look at all the facades of a square building in detail, it is impossible at first glance to determine the main facade, because each side of the building is unique in its architectural content.

The main entrance to the building is located on the north side. This facade is emphasized by two angular risalits. Between the risalits floor lines of continuous balconies are arranged. The tier of the first floor in the form of a trihedral bay window with semicircular windows goes into the balcony of the second floor; the falling plane of the mezzanine wall is framed by a semicircular slot of balcony doors and a complex shape with a pediment on which the spire is mounted.

The eastern facade of the building has an asymmetric solution with a central, slightly protruding rounding in plan, risalit. The risalite tier of the first floor serves as the basis for the balcony of the second floor. Crowned with risalit mezzanine with a trihedral bay window. The front wall of the mezzanine has the silhouette of a spire of complex shape with a knob for the spire. Elastic arches and unevenly located windows - triple, double, single, break through the surface of the facade wall.

The southern facade is decorated with a triple window and a spire, has a trapezoidal silhouette.

The western facade is accented by the central trihedral bay window, its spire serves as a semi-domed backdrop with a lucarn window.

The roof in the building is complex in shape: the diagonal layout of the roofing metal sheets resembled the scales of a dragon. The roof silhouette was complemented by stove and chimney chimneys. The author also carefully thought out the internal layout of the premises: the two-flight staircase had a convenient connection with a large bright hall. All rooms are solved in square proportions.

The castle was built to open a preschool in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The wife of the famous industrialist Andreas Valman - Katarina Valman completed courses on the organization of kindergartens in Germany. When she returned, she decided to build a facility in the colony to educate young children. Until then, such a type of institution did not exist in Russia. They did not have time to open a children's institution; it was completed after the revolution.

In Soviet times, the castle was part of the complex of the Pedagogical School. According to some reports, there was a hostel, and in the 1980s it became the district department of education, which is located there today.

The building was built to house a kindergarten, but only then, due to its incredibly pompous architecture, they began to call it “Die Burg”, which is translated from German as a castle.

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