Tarasa Bul'by Street, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

It is one of the tourist sight of Zaporizhzhia - it is also considered an ancient dendro-monument of the primitive Prydnipro oak forests.

Since 1972, this object belongs to nature reserves, and since 2010 it has been the National Tree of Ukraine. According to the age of the oak, the opinions of experts differ - some believe that it may well be 100 or even 200 years old.

There are many legends associated with the Zaporizhzhia oak. They say that in 1648 Bohdan Khmelnytskyi himself was resting in his shadow, and in 1675, the ataman of the Zaporizhzhia Sich Ivan Sirko and other Cossacks wrote a letter addressed to the Turkish Sultan under this oak. There is a legend that Taras Shevchenko in 1843 read a poem written by him by Katerina under the Zaporizhzhia oak. During the Civil War, the Makhnovists wanted to destroy the oak, and during World War II, Adolf Hitler wanted to cut it and take it to Germany as a trophy and a symbol of victory over the Slavic spirit.

The circumference of the trunk is 6.32 meters, the height reaches 36 meters. In 1990, the oak tree was almost completely dry; only one branch remained viable. Specialists complain about the extremely high level of groundwater in 1990 and the lightning that hit the tree in 1996.

Since 2002, various experts have been involved in environmental protection measures: metal masts supporting dry branches were installed, soil was strengthened, which began to sag, oak wood was treated with preservatives.

In 2001, Historic and cultural complex 700-year-old Zaporizhzhia oak tree was opened directly next to the oak.

In 2009, a monument of natural significance 700-year-old Zaporizhzhia oak tree was transferred under the protection of the children and youth school of the Cossack martial arts Spas.

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Next to Historic and cultural complex 700-year-old Zaporizhzhia oak tree

What to see

Theater of the Cossack battle «Zaporizhzhya Spas»

49 m. Verkhnya Khortytsia, Tarasa Bulʹby, 14, office: Metalurhiv Avenue, 1a, office 43, Zaporizhzhia

(098) 493-41-55


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